Make your Day: At-Home Spa Day with Bela

As we all continue live through the current pandemic, you may have found you’ve had far too many boring days inside. That’s where Bela comes in. We can help you switch it up by creating your very own at-home spa.

Start your day off with a warm bath made better with one of our many Luxurious Bath Bombs. Bela bath bombs are available in a variety of different fragrances and formulas, so you can pick and choose your favorites. Our bath bombs are tailored made to be the best for you with certified organic coconut oil and Shea butter, and are vegan and gluten-free. Or sprinkle in some of our Mineral Bath Soaks to take away any fatigue or stiffness in your bones. Bela Naturals Mineral Bath Soaks are 100% natural and organic and have the purest blend of therapeutic grade essential oils for you. We have seven mineral bath soaks formulas that target your specific rejuvenation needs such as Comfort, Fatigue, Congestion and Relaxation.

After soaking in your bath, wash up using our Triple Milled Pure Natural Soaps. These come in 3.5 oz bars and 6.5 oz bars with a variety of different scents. Our soap base is made from 100% plant oils, including sustainable plant oil, organic Shea butter, and vegetable glycerin. The addition of organic Shea butter is what makes our soaps unbelievably creamy and moisturizing. They contain no EDTA, HEDP, artificial preservative, or foaming agents. Bela soaps are also Triple French Milled, a process which ensures that your soap is long-lasting and non-drying.

Once you dry up, use on of our soft cotton Luxury Sheet Face Masks for 20 minutes to hydrate, soothe, detoxify, or brighten your skin with their coconut, Aloe, and chamomile mixtures. This will leave your face feeling smooth and soft.

Hydrating your skin is extremely important after the shower and that is exactly what Bela Naturals Cold Presses Massage Oils do. They are the perfect moisturizing agent for not just your skin but also your body, hair, nails, and feet. The light formula of this oil ensures a quick absorption, so your skin isn’t left feeling oily but rather relaxed, soothed, and calm.

The scent of your house is key to your at-home spa day. Bela Home Fragrance offers a variety of different home fragrance options. Our Candles come in a 13 oz sized Mug style and a 9 oz sized wood wick style. Bela Candles are not only fragrant, but also eliminate odor rather than mask them. If candles aren’t your thing, we also have Wax Melts that come with 6 wax cubes per package as well as Fragrance Oils in 0.5 oz bottles that can be added to your candle or wax melts to enhance the smell. Pick your favorites and fill your home up with our delicious and fragrant scents.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your at-home spa day courtesy of Bela.