Five Summer Soaps for All Occasions

There are always so many things to do during the summer, and we have so many fragrances that can pair with ANY occasion. At Bela, we evoke the feelings of summer with our triple milled soaps made with organic Shea butter, in a range of fragrances that everyone can enjoy.

Tropical Paradise

Do you want to go somewhere tropical without having to leave your busy schedule? Fly away to the Bahamas with our Pineapple Lime & Coconut soap scent! A little sun, a little sand and you will feel like you just got back from a day on the beach!

Summer Romance 

Thinking about a romantic dinner under the stars? Our Pomegranate soap has such a luscious fragrance it will have you begging for more! It is the perfect choice if you want to feel confident and sexy.  

Playful Picnic 

How about a picnic on a bright, sunny day? Peach will be the fragrance for you! Our Peach bar is perfect for a summer day; reminiscent of a warm peach pie. Lay back and watch the clouds roll by as this fragrance inspires the imagination. 

Everyday Summer Fun

Do you need an everyday fragrance for the summer? French Pear has you covered! French Pear is so sweet and juicy, it’s perfect for everyday use! This delightful fragrance is a great choice to go back to time and time again.

Lavender and Flowers

Have you been busy this summer like never before? No worries, we’ve got your back with the Lavender and Flowers soap bar. The fragrance reminds us of a field of lavender and will put you at ease and help you unwind at the end of a long day. The tender fragrance is so comforting you will be off to sleep in no time. 

We have a fragrance for any summer occasion, and these are just the beginning.  If you’re not sure which to choose, we recommend trying our sampler pack and let us customize an assortment of soaps for you.