What is Triple French Milling?

What are triple milled soaps, and how are thy different than your average soap bar? We're going to answer all your questions, and discuss how the triple milling process is the key to creating long lasting Bela soap bars.

So let's talk about the process of triple milling, also known as French milling. To begin, the soap ingredients make their way through a series of stainless steel rollers, effectively blending the ingredients and producing a fine paste. This process is repeated three times, hence the name "triple milled." In order to get all the benefits of triple milling, the rollers and other equipment used must be high-quality, industrial grade to apply the needed pressure to blend the ingredients and press the excess water and air from the soap base. Because of the heavy-duty nature of the equipment needed for the triple milling process, it can only be truly achieved in commercial application. Soaps produced at this scale result in a higher-quality and lower cost product for the consumer; you.

Using this method brings a lot of benefits to the table. First, the pressing of the soap between rollers removes excess water and air pockets, leaving it in a very compressed state that makes the soap more dense, harder, and longer lasting. This compression leaves you with a soap bar that does not dissolve or breakdown easily over time, or get soft and tacky. It also results in a smooth and creamy soap that produces more lather than your average soap bar.

Another huge advantage of triple milled soaps is that they have been known to be gentle on sensitive skin. While lye is an essential component in the soap-making process, the triple milling process removes all traces of lye. Leftover lye in other soaps can result in bonding to the skin, and trapping grease and dirt. Triple milled soaps leave skin feeling fresh and clean without any chemical residue left behind.

If you haven't had the chance to try a triple milled soap, grab a Bela soap in a fragrance you love and experience the difference today.