Cruelty-Free: The Truth Behind Animal Testing and Why it Matters

Whether it’s your soap, shampoo, or sunscreen, going #crueltyfree is a trend in beauty and cosmetic products today, and as people are learning and getting more exposed, they are turning their backs on corporate beauty brands that are involved in animal testing. In this article, we will tell you exactly why you need to do so as well.

According to the Cruelty Free International, each year over 115 million animals  are subject to animal testing worldwide. The animals used in these experiments undergo inhumane conditions and are confined to small cages. They are then tortured and ultimately killed. The number one reason why companies choose to test on animals is to develop and find new ingredients to use. While the development of technology is creating alternatives to this method, there are currently over 7,000 cosmetic ingredients that have already been proven to be safe for us.

In Vitro, which translates to "in glass," is a new method that studies the effects of new ingredients on biological properties. These tests are done in test tubes rather than on humans or animals. It is a cost-effective, yet sophisticated method of testing that is being used as a substitute to animal testing. They can give you very conclusive results on various factors such as safety and toxicity testing, along with efficacy testing. While science actually favors these kinds of alternatives over animal testing, often animal testing is still a more attractive method to companies because it can be a more affordable option.

According to the current law in the United States, laboratory animals are classified under special category of animals that are not protected from animal abuse and cruelty. Many assume that it is only perhaps mice or rats that are put under these conditions. However, based on statistics, 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats are used in animal testing in the United States alone. Beagles are also often used in testing due to their docile nature. Many countries have banned animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products such as the European Union, India, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand and South Korea.

Cruelty-free products are generally also known to be healthier for you. By opting for cruelty-free products, you are going further away from products with bad chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes. These cleaner products can lead to fewer breakouts, allergies, and inflammations. 

Moreover, cruelty-free products also come with a lot of advantages for the environment. Cruelty-free products tend to be eco-friendlier due to their ingredients. These products usually consist of more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals that contain toxins. As a result, fewer toxic particles are released into our atmosphere. A large number of the labs that carry out animal tests create a large amount of waste from the animal excrement, the run-off from tests, and in many cases the discarded animals after testing. All the toxins and chemicals that the animal is exposed to earlier on, are also released into the atmosphere.

Here at Bela Bath & Beauty, our products are 100% cruelty-free or contain any animal tallow of any kind. When you choose Bela brand products, you can make a difference by influencing the kind of products your friends and family buy. You can truly make an impact which can potentially push more companies to go cruelty-free!