Bela Natural Home

Bela Natural Home, Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit - 10 Effervescent Cleaning Tablets, 1 Bottle


Clean the surfaces in your home without creating extra single-use plastic waste with Bela Natural Home. This kit includes:

  • 10 - unscented, effervescent cleaning tablets
  • 1 - empty 16 oz. spray bottle

Unlike traditional cleaning sprays, the Bela Natural Home multipurpose cleaning kit eliminates extra plastic from landfills with our reusable spray bottle. At just $2.49 per 16 ounces of cleaning (including the price of the bottle), we save on your wallet too.

Perfect for all-over cleaning in the home. From kitchen counters to bathroom surfaces, this spray cleaner has you covered. Concentrated tablets are as powerful as other pre-mixed cleaning sprays, without the extra plastic waste.

Paraben-free, cruelty-free product. No harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly.

Fragrance-free cleaning tables for sparkling clean surfaces without heavy cleaning scents. Suitable on non-porous, sealed-only surfaces. If unsure, spot test first. Do not use on marble, slate, colored grout, or unsealed finishes.

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